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Healthy Foods For Healthy Skin

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5 Healthy Foods For Healthy Skin

1. Spinach
If eating spinach at least three times a week can reduce your risk of developing skin cancer by 55%. This is because spinach contains several nutrients that are good for the body, especially the skin such as vitamin A, C, and E. Not to forget the two types carotein; lutein and zeaxanthin keep the defense the skin from the sun can damage the skin condition. Besides anti oksidannya also very good for preventing cancer and fiber to aid digestion loh!

2. Tomatoes
A lot of people who do not menmyukai tomatoes, but if you already know will usefulness would immediately infatuated with fruit that taste this fresh acids. Substances contained Lycopene in tomatoes reduce the risk of your skin
fire and also prevent skin cancer. Lycopene is the most plentiful substance in tomatoes that has been thoroughly cooked. Well, if you do not really like the whole tomatoes you can work around this by smearing tomato sauce on pizza that you make. Or mix in a mixed salad with basil.

3. Black Raspberries
All kinds of berries are good for tackling the problems of cancer, but do you know if this is the type of Black Raspberries 'Queen' of all kinds of berries? Black Raspberries Fruit berries in particular are very good at protecting the brain cells. The researchers also made a gel to protect the skin from sunburn. Fresh or frozen fruit efficacy is the same magnitude.

4. Pomegranate
Not only is the fruit that has a property, but also with the red seeds have proven resistance to sunlight. This fruit can also coat the skin cells of inflammation and adverse effects of UVB. Try and give topping grilled salmon with pomegranate-avocado salsa. Try also mix it with lemon, onions, avocado slices and pomegranate seeds last. Place the meat on the grill salmon that has been in before.

5. Dark Chocolate
This is one type of food that tastes good and is healthy. The effects are not only feeling happy because your brain feeling relaxed and comfortable feeling because of the hormone endorphin produced. It is also capable mamacu very good blood flow to the skin. And probably a lot of women really like it when PMS comes over.


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