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The Secret star fruit bilimbi for Bleeding gums Benefits

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fruit bilimbi for Bleeding gums Benefits
Benefits. Wuluh star fruit (Averrhoa bilimbi) can be used as a syrup, spice or vegetable dishes, clean the stain clothes, polishing brass goods, and as an ingredient of traditional medicine.

Besides fruits, leaves and stems can also be a mixture of drugs. This is because some chemical substances contained in plants such as sponin, tannin, glucoside, calcium oxalate, sulfur, original format, and the peroxidase contained in the stem wuluh starfruit. Also tannins, sulfur, sulfuric origin, peroxidase, potassium citrate and calcium oxalate in the leaves. Meanwhile, star fruit wuluh itself efficacious as an analgesic, and diuretic.

High blood pressure
To cope with high blood pressure do I boiled 3 pieces of sliced ​​starfruit with 3 cups of water until half. Then strain and drink in the morning.

Bleeding gums
Consumption of fresh fruit starfruit with sugar on a daily basis. Can also two starfruit eaten every day.

Compress Pain Medication Mumps
The leaves pounded with garlic and kompreskan the mumps part. For mumps, half handheld starfruit leaves with three cloves of crushed garlic.

Cough lozenge
Leaves, flowers, fruits, each of which as many boiled in boiling water for 1/2 hour, then drink the water.
The second way, a handful of starfruit leaves, a handful of flowers and two star fruit, sugar, boiled in two cups of water until the water is staying half. Strain and drink twice a day.

Six fruit starfruit crushed and boiled with a glass of water until the water is staying half. Strain and drink twice a day.


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