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Best time and SCHEDULE to drink fruit juice

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Essentially there is no timetable for drinking juice. You can drink juice anytime and as many times as you like. Just try to eat a heavy meal before his time. For those accustomed to only drink one or two glasses a day, preferably taken before meals so that absorption of the enzyme effectively.
Especially for doing coffee enema, it is recommended to drink 1-2 glasses of juice immediately after the enema, because there electrolit in the blood is wasted during the enema and need to be replaced by juice. For the treatment of cancer patients with GT, for "full protocol" patients need to drink 13 glasses of water every day, an average glass every hour.
For those who did not complete the protocol number can be adjusted, of course, lower. Gerson Therapy for the treatment, the amount of fruits and vegetables (organic) needed very much, and it took extra effort just to make her juice. Strenuous enough. Read for diet