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How to make JUICE from fresh fruit

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how to make JUICE from fresh fruit
The simplest way is to squeeze out the water earlier material. In order to remove the liquid of this plant may be necessary tool that can push water from the plant to the exit. But it turns out the majority of the tools are said to be a good juicer was not his performance. Juicer is sold in stores is generally high rotating juicer, where the blade spins horizontally at high speed.

Juicer good is wringer with low rotation. Usually these tools are one or two rotating lever that flushed vegetables (single screw or twin screw juicer slow rotation). This tool separates water and waste (pulp). In the grounds there is still water, nutrients, and enzymes that can still be processed in machine milking. Some juicer combining these two tools. Press equipment is not always necessary, but for people with this illness is recommended because the last milking it contains a number of enzymes that are good for sick people.

At high rotating juicer uses centrifugal knife, an enzyme in the liquid will die because of the emergence of electromagnetic juicer on the wall and a knife. Hence juice quality will decline. Vitamins are still there, but the enzyme is much decreased. The result will be much different, especially for a particular treatment or care. Juice the "bad" will not show a "healing reaction" to the wearer.

Juice should not be mixed with water or added to ice. If you want to cool, put it in the fridge. Juice also not be allowed to stay overnight before drinking. Try to drink a maximum of 2 hours after it was created, or a maximum of 4 hours if put in the refrigerator. If longer than the time before, the enzyme is dead and you only consume fruit juice with vitamin alone. Properties less than 50% of it should be. juice health facts