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Drinking juice is no rule

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The content of vitamins and minerals in fruit juice beneficial for keeping the immune system, but the remedy to get the maximum benefit, the processing must be exact. Drinking juice is no requirement that the maximum worth of juice for health.

- Juice drink with pulp
If you make juice by using a juicer, the waste will be separated. Although it may feel uncomfortable, do not waste fruit pulp that has been separated. If using a blender, do not strain to get any water, let the dregs remain mixed and drunk. In the fruit pulp fiber and vitamins contained, the most common is vitamin C. It is very beneficial for the body.

- Not a substitute for fruit juice
JusTerus drink juice constantly consume, consume without bad fruit directly. It can promote weight loss. The necessity continue to consume fresh fruit beneficial to the stomach, because during the process of chewing, stomach and burn will work approximately 20 kcal. So, keep the consumption of fresh fruit, not all can be replaced with juice.

- The juice is not a substitute for food
When on a diet or for health, it is okay to replace your dinner with a glass of juice. However, it does not mean breakfast and lunch as well simply by drinking the juice with the intention of losing weight. The nutritional requirements still must be met from other foods. Fruits will not be able to meet the needs of 1,800 kcal, the minimum amount of calories that must be met in a day. As a result, weakened immune.
Although weight loss may decrease significantly but will quickly rise when eating with the original pattern. Because drinking juice does not reduce fat, just cut down the water in the body.

- Not acidic juice for the morning
Glad you opened the day by drinking juice in the morning? Indeed, the morning is the most appropriate time to drink juice, because fruit juice contains a lot of water and fiber will be beneficial for digestion. To avoid upset stomach, avoid acidic fruits for juice in the morning. Banana, papaya, apples or carrots could be the right choice for fruit juice in the morning.

- The juice should not be stored for long periods
Juice that has been created should be drunk immediately. Creating a new juice and drink in the afternoon or evening lowering benefits of juice. Vitamins that there can be damaged by oxygen and ultraviolet that are around us. If you can not consume the juice directly, can be done by making juice as cold as possible, and then stored in sealed aluminum thermos. Cold conditions and protection from light helps retain vitamins that exist in the juice for 4 hours.

- Does not always have fruit juice
Vegetables can be made ??into juice. Bitter taste in the vegetables can be overcome by combining vegetables with fruits, so that it feels more fresh.
Not only vegetables, juices can be a combination of fruit and spice. For example, by adding ginger to warm the body also increase endurance. Can also add a little cinnamon on your juice.

Juice consumption may be one solution for addressing health issues you face. Choose fruit body needs or to help reduce your health problems. For example, to lower high blood pressure or thin the sputum can make starfruit juice. Tomato juice to help control sugar in the body. While a mixture of cucumber and carrot to tackle rheumatic complaints.

By following the correct rules when drinking juices, healthy beverages will be very beneficial for the body. fruit juice benefits


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