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more likely to break your diet if you do this

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For people trying to lose weight or even maintain a lower body weight, the temptation to overeat is stronger when meals are eaten in a social setting like a friend’s home or restaurant, and when eating alone, according to research presented last week at an American Heart Association’s conference.
The study followed 150 people (90% of whom were women) who used smartphones and a custom-developed app to capture data as dieters moved through their day.
The chance of diet lapse and/or overeating was about 60% when eating in a restaurant and 50% when eating alone, said Lora Burke, the lead author of the study and professor of nursing in the Department of Health & Community Systems at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. When asked if they wanted more food or a high-calorie food, the odds of breaking their diet were also 60%. Odds of a diet lapse were lower at work (around 40%) or in a car (30%).


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