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Meditation Weight loss Benefit

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While a large part of the process does involve eating right and exercising regularly – we forget how important a part our mind can play to help achieve these targets. Weight loss is an internal process as much as it is an external one. And this is where Mediation comes to help. Controlling your thoughts, being aware of yourself, regulating blood flow and heart rate are just some of benefits of meditation.
How Can Meditation Help with Weight Loss

1. Meditation makes you aware of yourself:
We are often running from one meeting to another, trying to wrap up one chore even as the next few creep up on us slowly. Meditation is an ancient practice that does wonders in calming one down. Once you are aware of yourself you are better prepared to face the challenges around you.

2. Tool against binge eating:
Most people put on weight due to binge eating. The reasons for binge eating can be many – from stress to self-esteem issues or pressure at work or home. Binge eating is a vicious cycle where you constantly oscillate between periods of less eating to over-eating. A daily practice of mediation can help reduce stress levels significantly. Once you are less stressed out, you tend to have fewer, and fewer episodes of eating-without-thinking.


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