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Acetogenin contained in soursop can to prevent cancer

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Do not underestimate. soursop fruit, although common in the juice, but the benefits of soursop good for health.

Anti cancer

Soursop plant parts, including leaves and fruits, contains a compound that is quite valuable, such as fructose, fat, protein, calcium, phosfor, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin B.

Secondary metabolites contained in it is a compound class of tannins, phytosterols and alkaloids.

A compound that attracted the attention of researchers is asetogenin. This is a specific compound contained in the plant tribe Annonaceae, which is closely related to efficacy of anti-tumor activity, anti-bacterial and insecticide.
From the research, asetogenin contained in soursop can be used to hit the colon cancer cells, pancreatic, ovarian, colon, breast, liver, cervix.