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How to make peel mangosteen juice

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How to make peel mangosteen juice
Mangosteen, Queen of The Tropic Fruits. This has many benefits for health, especially for treating cancer. Xanthones function as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Xanthone compounds to counteract free radicals and prevent cell damage that inhibited cell degeneration process even today scientists are also conducting trials as a potential treatment for HIV
How to Make peel Mangosteen Juice material
• 2 pieces of mangosteen
• Honey
• Water 200 ml
• Sugar to taste (better not use sugar)
How to Treat Fruit Mangosteen:
• Choose fruit mangosteen is clean and free of resins and waste mangosteen green petals
• Wash the mangosteen fruit to remove dirt on peel mangosteen
• Open mangosteen so broke.
• Take content and the inside of the peel mangosteen, try not to affected by the black peel mangosteen (outer skin) and not to resin take drawn as it may cause a bitter taste to the juice
• Put the fruit and. mangosteen peel into the blender add the honey, sugar and water.
• Blend until completely smooth Read more Read great benefits of peel mangosteen