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juice fasting to lose weight and look younger

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People coming into the store have noticed the changes—my skin is brighter, and of course, I’m leaner. And people say I look younger. My juice revolution was on. If I could do this, anyone could. I was on a mission with all my newfound energy. I knew I needed to open a juice bar.
My friend, Janelle, who owns a gym, is the angel who left the Turbo Diet book on my desk, which started my journey to a new way of being. My other friend, Merideth, who was in on the initial cleanse and has lived her whole life learning about wellness from within, was also in on our juice bar idea. We now have a location, a name for our juice bar, and more importantly, a realization that our life’s purpose (for the three of us) is to improve the quality of people’s lives.
I had the thrill last week of having the opportunity to meet Cherie Calbom and express to her my gratitude for writing the books that inspired me to change my life. At the age of 51, I feel like I have finally found a way to maintain my weight and feel incredible. And the best part is that it is soSIMPLE—juice !!


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