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How to make Heart Healthy Juicing Recipes


Nature has made it possible to harness the power of fresh natural juice to reduce heart attacks and many diseases.These miraculous healing is possible when the body is given the natural nutrients it needs to do its job. The closer the food is to its natural state, the higher its nutritional value and benefits of the body. The life nutrients in foods are what give life to the body. The trillions of living cells in the body need life-giving foods to survive and maintain good health. Good health means everything in the body is functioning normally, such as heart function, blood pressure, weight, digestive health or hair growth.
When one follows a healthy lifestyle of juicing with a healthful diet rich in vegetables and fruits, coupled with lifestyle changes that include good nutrition, hydration, regular exercise, stress management, relaxation and positive motivation , one can prevent many diseases, and even reverse a degenerative medical conditions such as heart attacks.

The best way to get nutrients from fruits and vegetables is by juicing.

Heart Healthy Juicing Recipes

Why Juicing is healthy heart?

Juices are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are easily assimilated within fifteen minutes of drinking. Juice is rapidly distributed throughout the body to build, heal, repair and restore optimum heart health.

Juices cleanse the blood, which is the lifeline of the body. Clean blood loaded with nutrients will ensure that the heart healthy long life.

Juicing helps to pre-digest food so it can be easily absorbed by the body.

Juicing deposition of insoluble fiber. If a carrot is eaten, one can only get 1% of beta-carotene, but if it is

Juiced, essentially a 100% beta-carotene will be assimilated.

Juicing allows anyone to get over nutrients the body needs, because it is unlikely you can eat several pounds of fruits and vegetables every day.

Fresh juices are a tremendous source of enzymes. Enzymes workforce of the body that facilitates digestion, absorption, conversion of food into body tissues, and production of energy at the cellular level.

Store-brand juice is pasteurized (heated to kill germs). Pasteurization also kills the beneficial enzymes found naturally in fruits and vegetables. In addition, water, corn syrup, sweetener and preservatives are added to the juices, thus diminishing their nutritional value.

Vegetable and fruit juices detoxify by acting like a decongestant that flushes dead cells of the body and dissolves plaque buildup.

Juicing vegetables and fruits helps to reduce cholesterol, dissolves clogged arteries, reduces the risk of heart attack, reduces high blood pressure, dissolves the kidney stones, cleanses liver, prevents cancers, and increase energy.

Eating natural foods by juicing is a beneficial way to get the whole food, pure and fresh, wholesome. The miraculous powers of Miracle Juicing with its combination of selected fruits, vegetables and herbs, provides a "cure all" potent healer to rid the body of toxins, normalize all bodily functions, prevent many diseases and provide more energy, healthier heart, better sleep, normal blood pressure, good digestion and a strong immune system. This change coming from the cellular level deep within the deep and add many years of life.