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Preventive against coronary heart disease Banana

Preventive against coronary heart disease Banana

Preventive measures against coronary heart disease Banana. Team students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology Department of Food Technology of the Catholic University of Widya Mandala find unripe bananas contain resistant starch digestibility is beneficial to the diet, help people with autism, and prevent coronary heart disease.

The trick, unripe bananas must be processed into banana flour, then the banana flour will contain resistant starch` cerna` and is gluten-free, Accompanied by two colleagues, Christian Liguori and Witny Widjaja, he said the content of resistant starch digestibility was well taken by those who are on a diet or autistic people who have to eat gluten-free food.

Starch digestibility is resistant starch that is not digested by the enzymes of the body and then stored in the large intestine, resistant starch digestibility is good for people who are doing the diet, both for the sake of health and appearance
As well as vegetables and fruits that produce the fiber, resistant starch digestibility will be fermented by bacteria in the large intestine and produce propionic acid compounds that are good for the body and serves as a cancer preventive.

"It works like cholesterol-lowering drugs, so unripe banana flour in the form it will be able to prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease," said Christian added.
Meanwhile, Witny adding their scientific work describes about how to prevent coronary heart disease by eating foods that contain resistant starch digestibility.

Banana is a local food product which can be obtained easily and does not know the season, so the banana is an alternative in the areas of food, he said.
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In order to have a high starch content, young banana processed first into banana flour. "If processed into banana flour, can be processed into basic foods, such as cookies, cake, pasta or noodles may be," he said about the kind of food that can be produced from banana flour. containing bioactive, because in addition to containing resistant starch digestibility turns bananas also contain antioxidants.

Breakthrough in Food Technology: Banana Against Coronary Heart Disease


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