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Please Stop Juicing Your Vegetables

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Juicing your veggies is not the same thing as chewing them. You lose nutrients in the juice form and are left feeling hungrier afterward. Not to mention all those juice bar runs can add up and drain you of some serious cash. So all that juicing really just leads to less money and more harm than good for your health goals.
Your body is designed to naturally rid itself of toxins and excess stuff it does not need or use all on its own. If you have a functioning gut, liver, and kidneys, you are always detoxing, every minute of every day.
A huge problem with juicing vegetables and juice cleanses is that proponents claim they restore and rebalance your organs by giving them a break from digesting and discarding the food you take in. But there is zero (I repeat, zero) scientific evidence to support the claim that these organs need a break in the first place.


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