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Benefits GUAVA FRUIT for Diarrhea Dysentery

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Benefits GUAVA FRUIT for Diarrhea Dysentery
Guava fruit health benefits. When you have diarrhea, everything that goes in, comes out. When drinking lots of water or coconut juice our body can maintain the water it needs. Also eating rice porridge can help slow the diarrhea down, helping you keep the water and nutrients that your body needs.
RECIPES Materials needed: a cup with a hole, guava leaves, pot, stove, drinking water, spoon, cups to serve.

There are two things you can do to help heal diarrhea. First, drink lots of water or, even better, coconut milk. Second, make medicine from guava leaves.  Take a handful of fresh guava leaves and rinse them in clean water.  Chop the leaves.  Boil them in about two cups of water with a pinch of salt, strain and cool.  You can keep the leaves in the water for hours ahead of drinking.  The medicine is stronger if
the leaves are allowed to soak into the tea for several hours.  Drink half a cup every three hours as needed for diarrhea.  This will slow the diarrhea down and give you more energy.  If the diarrhea continues for more than two days, has blood, has mucus, or occurs over five times in an hour, you should see a doctor
Guava and the guava tree have lots of medicines that can be used to treat sickness.  Do you know of other sicknesses that can be treated with guava or the guava tree?  Ripe guava can be eaten when you are constipated to help you have a bowel movement. When you have a toothache or painful gums, you can place washed leaves in your mouth on the sore spot. Chew the leaf a little bit to release the medicine into the painful tooth or gum. guava fruit juice