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The Right how to Drink Fruit Juice

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 The Right how to Drink Fruit Juice
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Your right to make juice. Juice should not be taken for granted, be swallowed immediately, and into the stomach. Abdominal we do not have the ability to quickly pull the element that is in the juice. Stomach enzymes require a lot of processing to allow the running perfectly and quickly. If not then the juice will continue to be passed into the large intestine along with all of the nutrients that are still left in it. Becomes redundant and it is necessary to know how best to drink juice. The Right how to Drink Fruit Juice

Juice drink slow and steady manner. Enter a sip into your mouth, let it abide in the mouth for 5-15 seconds so that there is an enzyme in the saliva mixed with juice, then swallowed. Thus, to drink a glass of juice, it should be at least 2-3 minutes. This is a good way. This is almost the same as those who drank wine (wine). Juice should also be taken before the main meal, not vice versa. Say half an hour or an hour before lunch or dinner, you can drink the juice, not after. This is necessary so that when you drink juice, enzymes in the mouth and stomach are still widely available, so the juice can be processed well, not mixed with other foods. juice health facts